LED Lights TIP – Safe for the little lights in your life

Aside from being better for the environment because they only use 10% of the energy consumed by traditional bulbs, these ingenious illuminators are also going to be around to inspire the next generation. That’s not just because of how long they can last, although it is incredible to think that the LED light bulbs you put in your kids’ bedrooms will still be functioning long after they fly the nest! Aside from this multi-decade life span, these lights will be around because the technology we are utilising is green. For little ones in your home, there are many reasons why LEDs are far superior to traditional incandescent. Firstly, before they even enter your home, they’re already less polluting than traditional light bulbs. This is because they are made from modern and efficient materials and because they last so long, we need fewer of them, meaning they make a lower impact on production overall. In addition, they’re 100% recyclable and don’t contain mercury or other poisons that are toxic to fish and plant life. Recycling will continue to be a huge part of life for the next generation so helping them to understand why recyclable consumables are so much better will go a long way to help them to take care of the world. LED lighting can be a great starting point to this discussion. For anyone concerned about the effects of changing lighting in your home on your health, take time to read some of the studies on behaviour and lighting. Full spectrum light, which is what’s emitted from our LEDs, has been known to reduce behavioural problems and improve productivity. This light is more similar to natural sunlight, making them ideal for use in your home, where you want to create a safe and welcoming environment. And what about physical safety in your home? You may not see traditional light bulbs as dangerous objects but as someone who has burnt themselves on one of those ancient things, I can tell you that they aren’t exactly child-friendly! In fact, the filaments in incandescent bulbs can reach around 2,500°C so it’s no surprise that when you accidentally touch their glass when they’ve been on for a while, you can get a nasty shock. For kids who may want to touch all kinds of things around your home, it’s much safer to install an LED filament bulb in your lamps and other lighting around your home. These bulbs burn much cooler because they don’t use the old tungsten filaments. If you’re thinking about getting LEDs for your child’s bedroom, this 6W E27 standard shape dimmable option bulb is a great choice. Because it’s dimmable, you can read them their bedtime story in a lower light to help them drift off to sleep more easily. For more information and to discuss with us your LED requirements call us today on 1300 340 020. Ask about our DOWNLIGHT OFFER: FREE KED downlight upgrade Melbourne  

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